Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask any question, check out some questions people do ask often to see if we have answered your question.

Buy and Hire is a digital classified marketplace where you can buy and hire anything in Nigeria. Buy and Hire is a reliable and trusted marketplace to sell and hire anything to real people at affordable prices.

Purchasing items in Nigeria is easy and convenient with Buy and Hire. We provide you with a wide range of new and used items you can trust. You pay only after meeting with the seller or hirer and scrutinizing the item you want to buy or hire.

Currently, Buy and Hire only operate in Nigeria. We are working on expanding our business to other countries.

Visit our website, www.buyandhire.ng and then select "I want to buy" or "I want to hire" as the case may be, on the search field, and then select the category and sub-category of item you want to buy.

Upon selecting the required fields, click on "Search Item" and there you go. Our website will show you item based on the specification you selected. Feel free to modify the search to get your desired result.

Upon finding the item you want, click to view the item details and specifications. If satisfied with the item descriptions, proceed to call or chat with the seller or hirer of the item through the call to action button you will find on the page.

On our website, click on "Place Advertisement" and then fill out the required fields with the correct description of the item.

Click next to submit the form each time until you get to the end of the advert page. You will be required to make payment for your advert. However, you can start for free, in which case we will run your advert for only 24 hours.

You can buy, sell and hire almost all legal items on Buy and Hire under the following categories: Mobile Phones & Tablets, Computing, Vehicles, Electronics, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Property, Home & Office Furniture & Appliances, Sports & Outdoors Goods, Arts, Crafts & Designs, Services, Animals & Pets, Baby & Kids' Products, Repair & Construction Goods, Jobs / Employment, Seeking Work CVs, Supermarket Goods, Agriculture & Foods, Commercial Equipment & Tools, right now. We are working on adding other categories.

To increase your chance of a sale, it's important that the item is advertised under the correct category and we will do what we can to make sure your item is being advertised correctly. Often, this may only mean a switch over from electronic category to mobile phone category or vice-versa.

You will just need to change the advert category and sub-category to the correct ones and then click on update to update the item category and sub-category.

If you've received an email advising that your dealer review has been rejected, it will have breached one or more of our moderation rules.

Some of the most popular reasons for reviews being rejected are:

  • Overusing capital letters
  • Including offensive language
  • Not providing a full and correct name
  • Directly quoting a dealer

Take a look at our full list of moderation rules.

If you've had a review rejected and are not sure why, email us at [email protected] and we'll take a look.

You will want your description to stand out. Remember, this is your opportunity to give as much information as you can about your item. When writing it, we would suggest thinking about the following:

  • What the condition of the item is
  • If it is a vehicle: how it drives, is it responsive, smooth or a comfortable drive
  • Is the item reliable and economical and cheap to maintain
  • Put down the reason for sale, keep it simple, putting the reason for sale will remove doubt that the item is not being sold due to faults or any issues if the item is used.
  • Mention some specific things about the item. If an apartment, mention if you have 3 or more keys for each room and if you don't allow smoking or pets in the apartment.
  • If there are any features which are optional extras, mention the features and state they are optional extras and what the value of these extras is, this will add value to your selling price.
  • If you have had any recent maintenance work done to the item, mention this, it shows the item (electronics, automobile, etc.) has been looked after and it will be one less thing the new owner has to worry about.
  • If the used equipment was well packed, mention this as it emphasizes the item has been maintained better as it has been protected against the elements.
  • If you are willing to consider offers for the item

The first thing to check is whether your ad stands out from the rest. Usually low response comes down the quality of the advert. More images attract more buyers and clear descriptions give the buyer all the information they need.

Have you got a brilliant photos that steal the attention of potential buyers? We've got helpful top tips on uploading images.

Is your advert description clear and informative?

Fill in as many details as possible. The following guide will help you:

  • Between 50 and 75 words is the ideal length for an online advert
  • Include details like the item specification, condition, warranty information and service history
  • Mention optional features if your item has any
  • Include points that may interest a buyer such as wireless charging, why you're selling or if you've made any modifications

If you feel your advert quality is good and there could be something else causing this, please let us know on [email protected] and we will do everything we can to help speed up the sale.

If you think you’ve been targeted by a fraudster, contact Buy and Hire immediately by emailing [email protected].

If you receive an e-mail or text that indicates it's from Buy and Hire but you believe it is fraudulent, the important thing is not to click on any links that ask you to enter personal or account information such as usernames and/or passwords. We may contact you via e-mail or text but we will never ever ask you to enter your accounts details via a link in an e-mail or text. You can either delete the mail or text or forward it to [email protected].

If you have entered personal information into a phishing site, please contact our team on . For further information regarding Safety & Security please visit our Safety & Security centre.

We can't promise we'll be able to reach the seller but we'll certainly do what we can do to help. Just email [email protected] with all of the advert information you have and we will make the attempts.

We're sorry you need to make a complaint about a trade seller on our site. Please visit https://buyandhire.ng/contact_us/complain.