Vehicle Check

Find out if a vehicle has been stolen or has outstanding finance

Take a moment to reflect on this: Having save up for months and eventually bought your dream new or foreign used car, just barely a week after the purchase, you got a call that the car is a stolen vehicle. Ah, your joy has turned to sorrow, because you are now involved in a police case.

The scenario portrayed above is one of a number of cases that happens when one buy a car (new or used) without running a vehicle history check on that car. A vehicle check report is equally important as making a resolute decision on which car to buy. A vehicle check report can give you the following information about a vehicle amongst others:

  • The ownership history
  • Repair history
  • Theft records
  • Accident records
  • Type of Use
  • Service History

Many online sources offer a free Vehicle History Report, while others are paid. It’s important to bear in mind that the details you get on a free report won’t be as detailed as what you would get when you pay for a report tailored to the car you want to purchase. Nevertheless, a free Vehicle Check Report offers you essential details. We don't currently offer vehicle check services, however we have handpick the best vehicle check report service providers for you. Do well to find them below.

Why get a vehicle check?

Never buy a used car without knowing its history!

  • 1 in every 5 cars is a SALVAGED car
  • 1 in every 15 cars is REBUILT
  • 1 in every 25 cars has been involved in an ACCIDENT
  • 1 in every 50 cars has a TAMPERED ODOMETER
  • 1 in every 100 cars has been DAMAGED BY FLOOD
  • 1 in 12 were recorded as an insurance write off
  • 1 in 7 has outstanding finance recorded

Remember to revisit Buy and Hire for vehicle purchase after checking the vehicle. Thanks!